Boschman specialises in the development and supply of advanced transfer molding and sintering systems for electronic assembly

Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology


Silver sintering is a die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. Resulting in high yield and high reliability.

Film Assisted Molding (FAM)

Film Assisted Molding is a cluster of unique technologies using double films in the mold before the lead frames to be encapsulated. Resulting in improved package quality.


Creating the highest productivity by Reel-to-reel molding  which is largely determined by effective mold length and machine time. Resulting in high precision mold tooling.

We research, design and prototype advanced packaging concepts. Together with you, we develop and assemble innovative, out of the box package solutions. It all starts with getting to know each other’s expectations, capabilities and limitations in order to build your tomorrow’s product today