Plastic Carrier Tapes and Trays

Krause Plastec-Carrier Tape and Trays

Plastec GmbH is part of the Krause Group based in the town of Cleebronn in south-western Germany.
For years they have been the experts in the production of carrier tapes. In 2006, the product range was expanded to include contract carrier tape packaging.

We offer carrier tapes measuring 16 to 200 mm according to EIA standard.
SMD carrier tapes are manufactured with a *high level of precision*. The conductive carrier tapes provide superior protection for your SMDs and other components.

The technology employed offers accurate production of almost any shape and to a depth determined by individual requirements. The material thickness depends on the tape width, the cavity depth and the special requirements for transport and use in your production facility.

The carrier tapes comply with international standards or the specific requirements of our customers, enable high-precision feeding to automated production systems, and are precisely positioned for assembly