From LAB to FAB

ficonTEC Photonics Assembly and Test

Cutting-edge assembly and testing machines serving requirements in R&D and all the way through to high-volume production.

ficonTEC provides automated micro-assembly and testing solutions for the photonics industry. These solutions are cutting-edge and are independent of the device material and of the specific application the device is targeting. Additionally, our modular system architecture is scalable from early device development environments, over new product introduction (NPI) and all the way up to high-volume requirements.

A globally installed base of over 600 systems is already serving integrated photonics applications in telecom and datacom sectors, in sensing applications ranging from biomedical to automotive, in high-power diode laser assembly, and much more.

Not resting with the status quo, ficonTEC is continually and actively involved in several internationally-supported initiatives. These initiatives promote access to integrated photonics technology through the transition to high-volume manufacturing processes via advanced automation, regardless of whether for singulated dies or for wafer-level approaches.