Welcome to our new website

Rydon Technology Ltd is proud to go live with our New Website. Over the coming months we will inform you of the exciting changes happening in our industry and the Products we believe will help you to meet your goals. The Website will also link to our Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube pages that will keep you informed of all the latest Rydon Technology information.

Rydon Technology would like to announce that we now Represent IBM Assembly and Test facility in Bromont, Canada. IBM’s skilled employees and production capability make them the “Masters of Complexity” . They specialise in 2.5D and 3D Packaging as well as Silicon Photonics. If you have a Complex Package check out Rydon Technology and IBM first.

Thank you for the support over the last 30 years and we wIll continue with our philosophy to offer the Best possible solutions to the Electronics/Semiconductor and Photonics Industry.


Mark Kenny
Managing Director Rydon Technology