Amfax a3Di a game changer for Test and Inspection

Rydon Technology is proud to announce the addition of the amfax a3Di  to our growing portfolio. The amfax a3Di is a game changer in test. It uses metrology measurement to accurately measure in 3D your PCB board either bare, with Solder paste or fully attached. The system is not only great for measuring SMT boards and Solder paste it  is also great when measuring Thru Hole devices, BGA’s and QFN Devices. It can also be used to inspect components prior to SMT placement. It is so powerful the amfax a3Di needs to be at the centre of your Test Strategy. It will be used not just to inspect but is so accurate it will be used as your process control tool. The a3Di will  feedback results quickly so your production can react in real time. No other Test method gives this coverage so quickly and without the need for Test points. Please contact for details and lets discuss how the amfax a3Di gives you a clear Test Strategy advantage.

Find more PCBA manufacturing faults in less time with a3Di

The a3Di is not a 3D AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) system. It is a revolutionary laser based metrology measurement system that enables you to find faults on your populated PCBAs like never before. The extremely accurate measurement capabilities of under a micron resolution in the Z axis will give you the confidence that if there is an issue on your PCBA, a3Di will find it.

When your 2D or 3D AOI system  doesn’t deliver, a3Di will

Find manufacturing issues such as board warp, device co-planarity, foreign objects, pin height, solder joint and coating issues that affect the reliability of your product. a3Di will help lower the risk of field failures and expensive recall events that could negatively affect your brands reputation.

Kick false calls into touch!

a3Di does not use comparison techniques like traditional 2D and 3D AOI systems. It takes absolute metrology quality 3D measurements across the whole of the PCB assembly. No area is left unmeasured. These measurements are then referenced to the original CAD data meaning that if a fault is found it is a REAL fault. The result is that no subjective operator input is required as there are NO false calls or testing delays.